RIFF JTAG Manager 1.77

⬛️ Update RIFF
– RIFF JTAG Manager 1.77:
– Improved RIFFBOX2 Communication – improved problem which causes the JTAG Manager to freeze in situations when ‘Stop’ button is clicked in the process of (PC <–> BOX) data communication.

⬛️ ISP Resurrector DLLs:
LG F100L
LG F240K
LG F670L
LG H324
LG P715
Motorola XT-1068
Motorola XT-1706
Nokia Lumia 930
Pantech A760S
Samsung E110S
Samsung E170K
Samsung E170L
Samsung E250L
Samsung E300K
Samsung E310L
Samsung G313H
Samsung G360H
Samsung G531F
Samsung G570F
Samsung I8262
Samsung I9105
Samsung J210F
Samsung J500F
Samsung P3110
Samsung P3113
Samsung S6790
Samsung P601
Sony E2303
Sony E2353
Sony LT26i
Sony LT26ii
Sony LT28h

⬛️ Sumber : http://www.unlockforum.com/showpost.php?p=201997&postcount=1

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